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Thursday, July 15, 2010

HOW Exactly You Can Cure Yourself From Cancer - Effectively And Definitely!

Cancer is not at All a Hopeless, but a Completely Curable Disease.

Not just once or twice have I lost loved ones who fell ill with this disease. And every time when it became clear that a person is ill, the seal of hopelessness lay on my soul.

Of course we immediately rushed to search for means for curing this person, but this was on the outside. And inside there already lay the thought that the end was destined, and that sooner or later it would come. Sometimes it was not even a thought, but - some vague, but heavy feeling. The feeling of inevitability. And this in itself was devastating.

Can we beat cancer - and what are the means for this? Can the means that the dominant medicine offers - chemotherapy, radiation therapy, or surgical technique - beat cancer? I have long ago rejected all kinds of kidding myself on this matter and got the right answer: NO! Dr. Peter Glidan reported official recognition of a committee of American physicians, who over 12 years have investigated the effects of chemotherapy worldwide. And the answer is clear:

- Chemotherapy in 97% of cases does not work!

However one addition is needed here: The remaining 3% of the time does not mean they are cured! No! These are people who just were brought to the state of remission and nothing more!
Remission – this is a condition in which there are no external symptoms of disease, but the patient is not cured, the disease resides in the body - as "stand by." But it may at any time to "wake up" - as a general rule everyone who is brought (only) to the state of remission, eventually dies of cancer.)

So at this point there can not be doubts: methods of the dominant Medicine
are unable to cure the disease of cancer!
There is only one question: WHY?

On this matter I have also for years - the true, undoubtedly correct, answer: As with chemotherapy, also with radiation therapy, also with the operating method - none of these known methods of the dominant medicine is able to cure the disease of cancer - because:
- None of them can remove, cure, overcome (call it as you wish) can not cope with the genetic predisposition of the body
to produce cancer cells

This is how I got to hate this disease.

And once I hated it, this meant that in the depth of my soul I had declared war on it - though perhaps I was not aware of it yet.

The first time this war became apparent was this: when a loved one got ill, then, bearing in mind the words of the Lord in the Gospel, "If two or three agree to ask anything in My name – it shall be done for them", I decided to persuade other close people to pray to God that the disease was moved from this spiritual son of mine – to me. It turned out that they did not agree in their hearts and prayed that this would not happen. And what happened? What happened was something that Sv.Amvrosy of Optina used to say: "On this side of the mountain people were praying for rain, but on the other side – that there was no rain. And it came out – according to God's will!" And so - this man was not healed from the cancer, and I did not fall ill with his disease - but until the end of the disease course (the outcome was fatal), he NEVER felt pain again, although it was a most painful form of cancer - pancreatic cancer!

So he went away from this world into the other, without having ever had any pain again, in peace and repose, I confessed that spiritual son of mine, he received Holy Communion before he died and went away in peace and consolation. We all, both my spiritual children and I were surprised by such a manifestation of God's mercy to this spiritual son of mine - and generally amazed at this decease - how it happened. His wife Temenuzhka and his two daughters Anelia and Aneta may confirm it. I would have left their phone number here, but I'm not sure whether they would want it. Still, I can ask and in the next publication provide it, if they agree.

And then another time a close person fell ill. He was a Confessor. Again I wanted to ask the Lord that his illness moved to me. But then my Bishop forbade me to do this. He said: "Leave these people - let them go from this world from their own demise! God chose them, giving them this disease. And, if they bear the suffering with courage, with Christian patience, they will be forgiven many sins, and will go into the Kingdom of Heaven - in the Eternal Life! Do not take this from them! "

Then I obeyed this prohibition. But my animosity for the disease itself did not disappear.

Several years ago I came upon the book of Nikolai Shevchenko "Defeat CANCER”, published in Moscow, 2005, by the “Obraz-Company” publishers, full title “Defeat! : the universal methodology with examples of curing most severe diseases”,
ISBN 5-89408-056-8

The light of hope appeared!

I enthusiastically delved into it from the first to the last page!

With great astonishment and with gratitude to God, I became convinced that there IS a cure for cancer! Not just from reading this book, but later many times in practice and in life with my own eyes I was convinced that there IS a therapy against the cancer disease! Effective therapy!

The hope proved to be completely real!

Many times in practice and in life, I became convinced that all that is written about tens of thousands of people cured even from the worst stages of the disease - when doctors have already given them up, saying that they have left no more than a week of life, but they were cured - all this is authentic truth!

The Recipe. What is the therapy of Shevchenko - what does one have to do to be cured from a cancerous disease with this therapy?

How does the therapy of Shevchenko work?

Can one trust this therapy and is there another alternative?

What in essence is the merit of Nikolay Shevchenko – what did he do that the therapy was named after him?

What diseases have been undoubtedly proven to be cured by the therapy of Shevchenko?

However, to be successfully cured, one has to keep a diet, and the diet demands that you also stop smoking! What to do?

Alcoholism has been proven to be cured very quickly.

The most important about the faith! (There is exactly such a chapter in the book – p. 45)

These and many other questions I would like to answer in my further publications on this topic.

A lot of time has passed since this publication has been created in its initial form. Some updates are required. Here are the latest ones:
- After for over 4 years I have helped many people (including my Mother) to overcome the disease of cancer by applying the therapeutic Methodology of N.V.Shevchenko,

- After I developed  
prophylactic Complex Wellness Strategy
designed to protect the genetic heirs of parents who have suffered from the disease of cancer (as well as anyone on the planet), so that they never get sick of this and many other diseases and are able to live a normal healthy life

- A few weeks ago, I realized that one of my dogs - pedigree and beautiful Asian Shepherd dog Dolly - has cancer.

However, the news that Dolly has cancer made me very happy. Because, with God's help - AFTER I heal this beautiful pedigree dog, like so many people have already got healed - it can serve as an example to even more people to get cured of cancer.

Two video clips are following:

- The first one contains Parts 1 and 2 of the short video-film 
"Live, Dolly!"
- only 16 min 14 sec

The second one contains Part 3 of 
"Live, Dolly!"
- only 10 min 40 sec

HOW To Effectively Cure Your Dog From Cancer. Part 1 and 2 from Fr. John on Vimeo.

HOW To Effectively Cure Your Dog From Cancer. Part 3 from Fr. John on Vimeo.

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